Steel Sustain Blocks

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Please contact us before purchasing if you need help deciding which version you need

Major improvement over thin brass or pot metal that come standard on many trems.

Available in 3 mounting hole spacing and thread size. 

Original/Schaller Floyd Rose

Fits genuine Floyd Rose Tremolos including the 1984 Reissue, Specials and 1000 Series models.

  • 17mm Hole Spacing 
  • M5 Threads 
  • 42mm

Vintage USA Floyds

Only fits 1983 FRT 5 Whale Tail Floyds

  • .850” Hole Spacing
  • 10/32 Threads
  • 42mm

Vintage Fernandes Floyds

Fits all Vintage Fernandes FRT 1 - FRT 7 models.

  • 21.5mm Hole Spacing
  • M4 Threads
  • 42mm