Floyd Rose FRT 5 Tribute

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Looking for an original FRT 5 Whale Tail? Chances are you will be looking for a while. In the meantime, we put together this Tribute FRT 5 using an original Floyd Rose FRT 7 baseplate and our reproduction parts.   

 The FRT 7 model was made for a few years by Fernandes in the mid 80’s and was only available on the Japanese market. These baseplates are very similar in design to the FRT 5 Whale Tail that also features an offset logo and rounded string lock screw slots.


Tribute FRT 5 model features: 

  Original mid 80’s FRT 7 Baseplate

  FRT 5 Style Saddles with T Blocks 

  Large Steel Sustain Block

  1/4” Stainless Steel Trem Arm and Bushing

  Brass Fine Tuners with Fine Diamond Knurl