Floyd Rose FRT 1 Vintage

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Super Rare and Hard To Find!!

Original Floyd Rose FRT 1 Non Fine Tuning Locking Tremolo. Made in Japan.

All original and complete. Cosmetically in good condition with some scratches in the chrome plating. There is some minor wear at the fulcrum points where the trem pivots on the posts. 

History and Info

This is the first official Floyd Rose production unit that was produced by Fernandes Japan. The FRT 1 model was made in 1981 for a few months before a redesign to the saddles which became the popular FRT 3. 

Features the first design “notched” saddles with chrome plated “T” string blocks which load from the bottom. 

Steel sustain block, angled at the bottom just like the USA version. 

Intonation is achieved by loosening the saddle lock screw and using the nuts on the string lock screw to move the saddles back and forth.