DeJayce Hotrod Overdrive Pedal

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We are proud to be a distributor for DeJayce pedals!!


From the DeJayce Website :


The DeJayce Hotrod Overdrive ( Carter Product 1.4v 3.0 ) bridges the gap between overdrive and distortion to create a fat, full sound covering all your needs from early classic rock to modern heavy metal. 

 Designed to go directly into the clean channel of your favorite tube or solid state amplifier or into the effects return, the DeJayce Hotrod Overdrive will fill out your tone to create a wall of sound!

 The Output control by itself will allow you to simply boost your existing tone and drive the input of your amplifier or use it to control the effects overall output.

 The Gain control is where the magic happens! Start with a slightly overdriven sound at around 9 o'clock and increase it to around 12 o'clock for a heavier British overdrive. Then adjusting from 1 o'clock on, will cross into heavier distortion territory and beyond!

 This unit features an active Presence Boost which will cut through any mix! Start off full counter clockwise for a warmer sound. Then increasing the Presence Boost will help cut through the mix by adding a shimmering top end to the room or venue you're playing!